Meet the Latest GAOMON M106K PRO Pen Tablet

Aiming to provide a practical and user friendly product for users around the world, we are glad to unveil our latest GAOMON pen tablet M106K PRO at 12-May, 2020. With 12 customizable press keys and 16 touch keys equipped on the right-hand side and upper of the panel respectively, the exterior of this pen tablet is the same as the original M106K, but its features had some significant improvements.


The original Active Electromagnetic Resonance stylus ArtPaint AP20 was replaced by the Battery-free Electromagnetic Resonance stylus ArtPaint AP32, which frees it from battery and charge and brings a handier and lighter gadget.


With the original 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity upgraded to 8192 levels, M106K PRO is able to render more delicate and exquisite lines as every subtle change of the pressure applied on the pen tablet can be accurately sensed and represented. The original 233PPS report rate also increased to 266PPS. This means the pen tablet can capture 266 points per second and hence guarantees smooth and instant lines input. M106K PRO has also added ±60°tilt recognition, users can tilt the stylus within ±60°to mimic the physical brush effects during drawing.


The compatibility of M106K PRO also improved. Aside from Windows and macOS, it also supports the devices running on Android operating system. Paired with an OTG adapter, the pen tablet can be connected to Android device to support your work anytime and anywhere. Additionally, with the compatibility to most mainstream software, M106K PRO is able to support online teaching and learning as remarks and annotations can be added to documents and diagrams whether you are sharing notes from a class or turning in homework.


The PRO version of M106K pen tablet represents a better and more professional GAOMON product but the price of this pen tablet is quite wallet-friendly. Whether you are a budget limited student or a drawing beginner, this pen tablet is definitely going to be your ideal choice.


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