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    Pen Tablet Designed with an Innovative Shortcut Bar
    8192 Levels
    Tune Your Tempo for Drawing
    Battery-free Pen Tablet M1220
    Visual Attractive & Helpful Shortcut Bar
    A shortcut bar with 13 function keys is designed on GAOMON M1220 to facilitate your tuning of music, playing of videos as well as accessing to the most frequently used functions, such as taking screenshots, calling up the desktop keyboard and switching program, which not only individualizes the tablet appearance, but also improves the overall product experience.
    • Tuning of Music
    • Play Video
    • Quick Access to
      Common Functions
    Touch & Navigate the Radial Menu
    A touch ring with smooth texture and a GAOMON symbolic triangle Home key in the center is created to improve your productivity in various steps, such as tuning the brush size, zooming the canvas and scrolling the page. Besides, it also supports the Windows Radial Protocol, which enables you to take advantages of the Radial menu and realize higher productivity.
    Authentically Reproduced Talents of Drawing
    GAOMON M1220 boasts 8192 levels pen pressure and supports ±60° brush tilt recognition, and therefore lines created can be reproduced in a more organic way as pressure applied and angle of the pen changes.

    • Tilt Support

    • High Pen Pressure
    Instant Response to Your Inspiration
    266 points per second report rate enables instant capture and feedback of pen movements, which makes it possible for you to express yourself more freely.

    • No Lagging
    Customize Your Way of High Efficiency
    Eight programmable express keys are available on the panel for you to streamline your workflows,and it is no longer a necessity to have a keyboard connected when you are designing on the pen tablet, as functions of the key combos can also be realized with those express keys created on the panel.
    Considerate Design Unveiled in Every Detail
    A type-C interface is available on the tablet for cable connection, which is now the common and prevalent way for cable connection of electronic devices.In addition, four anti-slip rubber feet are applied to the back of the tablet,with their thickness precisely calculated, which helps to provide a more steady and comfortable drawing experience.

    • Four Anti-slip Rubber Feet

    • Type-C Port
    Digital Pen Deserves Better Protection
    Artpaint AP32 developed based on the battery free technology allows you to draw digitally without cable connection to it, and a lovely felt pen sleeve is given for pen protection.

    • Battery-Free
    More Options to Define Your Style
    Besides the original texture sheet patterned with a matrix of dots reflecting gradient colors, one more stylish texture sheet that is called mechanic cat and features a combination of Memphis and technological style arts will come together inside the package to meet your request of individualization and texture sheet replacement.
    Always Ready for Your Drawing
    A USB adaptor will come together as a gift with M1220 to facilitate the cable connection between the tablet and a mobile phone, which allows you to draw whenever and wherever you are as long as your Android phone is with you.
    No Limitation to Creation
    GAOMON M1220 is usable on Windows, macOS and Android, with various mainstream
    drawing Apps and programs supported.
    Tech Spec.
    • Working Area(mm)
    • 8192 Levels
    • Touch Ring
    • 5080LPI
    • 266PPS
    • ±60° tilt

    User Manual M1220