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    M106K PRO
    OTG Enabled Pen Tablet Usable on Android Devices
    8192 Levels
    Enjoy Boundless Pleasure As You Create
    A rounded surface is integrated in the design of pen tablet M106K PRO, which enables the tablet to better fit the palm shape. Besides, 254×158.8mm workspace not only brings users a large space to draw, but also a more immersive drawing experience.
    Higher Flexibility Enabled by the Battery-free Pen
    Battery-free technology applied to the pressure sensitive digital pen AP32 sets you free from cable connection and battery charge. Besides, two express keys therein can further facilitate the way you draw.
    Turn Your Smart Phone into a Digital Canvas
    Battery-free pen tablet M106K PRO can be connected to Android device with an OTG adaptor, which provides a more accessible way as you need to sketch or retouch images.
    Lines Follow Tight
    As Your Pen Moves
    266 contact points between the nib and tablet are captured per second to render the lines you create, and therefore smooth drawing experience is ensured without occurrence of lagging and interruption.
    • Your Inspiration Shapes the Line
      Shape each stroke and fine-tune your work with lines that vary in 8192 levels of boldness and saturation as pressure applied to the pen changes.
    • Capture the Essence of Your Tilted Brush
      Digital pen AP32 supports ±60° brush tilt and duplicates with high accuracy the effects of a brush tilt performed in a pen-on-paper way.
    Easier Access to Key Combos
    Availability of 12 hard and 16 soft hotkeys provides users an easier access to key combinations that help to realize various functions and streamline the workflow.
    Be Compatible to Achieve More
    M106K PRO can be used on Windows, macOS and Android, with compatibility of platforms or applications on both computers and smart phones that can be used for design, sketch and image retouch.
    Tech Spec.
    • Working Area(mm)
    • 8192 Levels
    • Pen Sensing Height
    • 5080LPI
    • 266PPS
    • ±60° tilt
    M106K PRO
    M106K PRO
    M106K PRO
    M106K PRO
    M106K PRO