As a 16-inch pen display with a 2.5K resolution and 120% sRGB color gamut, PD1610 achieves 1.07 billion (8bit+Hi-FRC) colors and a natural transition between them.
    8192 Levels

    2.5K Display Resolution
    All Details Are Clearly Visible

    The 2.5K resolution in a 16-inch screen together with 120% sRGB color gamut lets images appear before your sight as desired, enabling more vibrant pictures and amazing color details.
      Screen Resolution
      Color Gamut
      120% sRGB
      Display Color
      Screen Resolution
      Color Gamut
      120% sRGB
      Display Color

    16:10 Golden Ratio
    Enjoy An Unobstructed View

    Compared with 16:9, the 16:10 aspect ratio offers extra vertical screen space, allowing you to enjoy a wider field of vision and create artworks comfortably without zooming out or scrolling up and down too often.
    • Viewable Area Increased By 11%
    • 2560*1600

    Full-laminated AG Glass Added Protection For Your Eyes

    The fully laminated anti-glare glass on the surface of PD1610 not only decreases parallax but also minimizes the annoying reflections and glare from the sun, lamps, or other light sources, which can help avoid eye strain during deep concentration tasks or work on a screen.
    • Anti-glare glass applied
    • Without anti-glare glass

    Upgraded Digital Pen AP51
    Visualize Your Ideas

    A shorter distance,
    more precision

    By utilizing GAOMON’s latest pen technology, the pen tip of AP51 will hardly move back or wobble while pressing down. Moreover, this upgraded digital pen allows the location of every pen movement to be recognized with greater precision and accuracy.

    Vivid and Lifelike Stroke

    With 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and ≥220 points per second report rate, the PD1610 together with the digital pen AP51 permits vivid and instant rendering of strokes and lines inputted.
    • High Pen Pressure
    • No Lag

    Battery-free, Smart Choice

    Thanks to battery-free technology, the digital pen does not require charging or batteries and is perfect for long-hour work.
    • Battery-Free

    Rotate, tilt, Create

    For artists who are used to sketching with pencils, paintbrushes, or airbrushes, AP51 with ±60° tilt recognition and rotation sensing is very handy since it can digitally and organically replicate exact brush details and variable line widths done with conventional art instruments.
    • Tilt Support

    High Efficiency At Your Fingertips

    A total of 8 customizable touch keys are available to perform various shortcuts or commands and to use tools of design and drawing software. In this way, you will be able to streamline workflow and optimize drawing efficiency effortlessly with just a light touch on the key.

    Stylish Look

    Adopting touch keys and a large single piece of glass, the sleek PD1610 eliminates the extra plastic part on the front to achieve an all-screen effect, delivering a sense of technology. Additionally, the metallic silver color perfectly blends with the smooth rounded edges to create a stylish appearance and a comfortable feel.
    Thickness: 11.5mm
    • Aluminum alloy back case
    • Net Weight: 1500g

    Easy Access To Creation

    The PD1610 offers dual type-C ports and an HDMI port, thus providing you with more connectivity options. The pen display can be easily connected to your PC, Switch, Android phone, or tablet for creation, office work, entertainment, etc. Also, an additional headphone jack enables you to release creative energies to the rhythm of the music.
    All For Convenience
    The PD1610 can be used for editing, drawing, and designing in most mainstream design and drawing applications, and it is compatible with Windows OS, macOS, and Android OS. Use it to sketch out the wonders of the world.
    Tech Spec.
    • Working Area(mm)
    • 8192 Levels
    • Pen Sensing Height
    • ≥220PPS
    • ±60°
    • 120% sRGB