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    A multi-functional pad for tracing, drawing, cutting, and playing.
    More comfortable brightness
    Long press the Touch Switch of the GA3, you can adjust the brightness of the light pad according to the ambient light and personal preference for a more comfortable brightness. Moreover, the feature of brightness memorization enables to restore the previous brightness every time you turn on the pad.
    Slim and sleek design
    GA3 is slim and sleek with 6mm in thickness and less than 1kg in weight, which allows you to carry it around. However, do not mistakenly think that GA3 has a small working space, instead, its working space is as large as an A3 paper.
    • Thickness
    • Weight
    Surface made with
    strong polycarbonate
    A polycarbonate surface is lightweight and impact-resistant, which means it is not easy to be damaged and hence ensures a great drawing tool especially for young children. The polycarbonate surface also offers better light transmission than many kinds of glass, ensuring more backlight to come through.
    Energy-efficient LED backlight
    The application of the LED backlight not only makes GA3 an energy-efficient light pad but also a durable pad with a lifespan up to 50,000 hours. Two LED light strips are respectively installed on the top and bottom of GA3 for a more even light distribution.
    A tracing pad & a cutting pad
    Hatch marks on the surface of the light pad enable users to have precise positioning during tracing, while grid marking on the back provides users with a cutting pad.
    Easy connection for power supply
    Connection to an external power supply such as a portable charger, a computer or a power adapter is easy and convenient as it only needs a Micro USB cable.
    Explore more with GA3
    In addition to picture tracing, GA3 can also be used to read photographic film or x-ray film. With a wide illuminated area, it also provide a great platform for children to do some creative activities such as sand painting, tangram building, etc.