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Bought this for my daughter and she is really happy. Absolutely 5stars.

Crazy massive, so much space to draw on. DEFINITELY NOT PORTABLE, it can even be used as a second monitor. It has pretty good resolution. Stand is AMAZING, its adjustable in pretty much everyway. Side buttons are very accessible. This is definitely a better upgrade from the Wacom One!

A review after 6 months of usage. I love it!!

I came back here after 6 months of using this tablet because i thought the future clients deserve to be reassured that this tablet is absolutely amazing. Besides the attractive color, Its surface is smooth, and the pen sliding against it feels and sound like real paper, and it’s large enough to move your hand so drawing on it is really comfortable! 8 personnalized buttons and a scrolling wheel, too many option and i honestly think it’s more than enough! The scrolling wheel is so adorable, it makes a ticking sound with each tick a corresponding value is assigned (for increasing brush size for example, each tick is 1 px, if you scroll faster it multiplies i think)

Battery : As for the battery, I’m surprised at how much it can hold! The pen itself is battery free so no need to worry about charging it, but the tablet is able to hold up to 72 hours of usage according to the website, which is true because i use it for at least 4 hours a day on average, and i don’t have to charge it in weeks ! A good thing about it is that it automatically shuts down after about 10mins of inactivity.

Driver : The driver could use some updates and tweaks, like showing the real percentage of the battery or such, but it’s pretty easy to use to set up shortcuts and orientation. It’s left handed friendly which is really cool!

Pressure sensitivity : it got sooo many levels, I’m not sure how that works and what 16K pressure means but i can feel that it’s a lot! It detects the smallest change in pressure which allows you to draw smoothly, and all of that can be changed and modified to your liking in the driver settings!

It’s also pretty light it became my road friend hahah i take it to university and it doesn’t take much space. I can safely say that it’s pretty solid too. I dropped the pen many times from a desk level and it’s still working perfectly.

It also got like freaking 30 spare nibs ! The original one i had 6 months ago is in good shape and can last for another 6 months, at this point this tablet can stay with me for my next 30 years of life!

Overall, I’m so satisfied, probabely the best thing i spent my money onto. The quality is really good for its price. I had a wacom before and i still prefere this one. This brand is so underrated!!

Dear K.,

Thank you for taking the time to leave such a detailed and positive review of our GAOMON WH851 Pen Tablet. We are thrilled to hear that after 6 months of usage, you are still loving it!

Thank you for choosing our product and for sharing your positive experience with us. We are happy to have you as a satisfied customer and we hope our tablet continues to be your 'road friend' for many more months to come.

Best regards,
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great, too much wires though

From the mouse to the graphics tablet.

Hey GAOMON TEAM, thank you very much for your inquiry.
I find the graphics tablet to be very high quality and well made.
Now I have to get to know it in order to work well and efficiently with it. For three decades I have done all my image editing with the mouse. The graphics tablet now represents a new challenge for me. I have accepted this challenge and will definitely win, I hope.

Best wishes from Michael

Just Incredible!

The design is so clean, and it's bigger than i expected. The canvas is wide and allows me to work comfortably. This is the perfect tool that i was searching for the last few years. Thanks Gaomon <3 This is amazing!

Much better with than without!

I love this screen protector! The anti-glare is a life saver if you draw on a desk near lamps or overhead lighting, and the paper-like texture is a much more pleasant experience compared to the slippery surface of the PD2200 without it. My original lasted several years before finally being scratched up enough to need replacing, and I struggled to get much done while awaiting a new one due to how insane the glare and smudging on the screen was without this.

Customer Service was amazing, too. My first screen protector arrived damaged with scratches, bends, and a deep scratch down it from what I assume was damage caused by another box in the shipping. They sent me a new one right away at no extra charge, and I'm happy to say the second attempt was a success! I now have a new screen protector applied and am reminded how much better of an experience this tablet was with the paper-like texture and anti-glare I had before.

I will say, though, you absolutely will need at least one other person to help apply this to your tablet. The screen is just too big for one person to easily do without issue. My advice is to have someone who pulls the film off slow while another uses the card to press it down and work out bubbles. It comes with everything you'll need to apply it; a dust cloth, cleaning wipes, and a card to press it down! All you need is a friend or family member and you're good to go! Go lengthwise, from one side to the other, slow and steady, and it goes on just fine.

Had it for 2 months now

This is the first drawing pad and I am so glad it is! Super easy to set up. I'm left handed and installed the stand backwards so that when the pad is resting the buttons are on the right. That way my right hand has fast access to the buttons while my left hand is holding the pen. Setting allow you to flip the screen 180 degrees with ease. Compatible with photoshop out of the box, I just had to reprogram the hotkeys with the included software.

Worth the price

Given the extremely low cost of the tablet over the consistently updated software and the large range of functionality, this tablet is one of the most cost effective products, especially for budding digital artists. With 10 customizable key binds, and 3 customizable modes for the scroll wheel, the tablet has access to a lot of versatility. the kit that the tablet comes with is also entirely worthwhile, with extra nibs and bags, and a small case for the pen as well.

general complaints regarding the tablet are in regards primarily to convenience and form, rather than functionality.
-The USB micro C port included only allows for the 90 degree cable to face one direction, restricting rotation and positioning of the tablet, USB micro C is also falling more and more out of use with the rise of USB C, being bi-directional.
-the materials that are used in the production of the tablet are, given the price, relatively good, but lacking in some departments, with the buttons being cheap and wiggly.

Overall this tablet is not just usable, but versatile, convenient, and well worth the low cost that comes with it, especially given how long it has lasted, being just over 3 years (maybe 2 I forget), with little to no degradation (with proper care). The only improvements that could be implemented would likely increase the cost of the tablet, and are primarily for quality of life, through things like tablet stands and a pen holder that isn't made of ribbon.

El producto llegó en perfectas condiciones y es justo lo que esperaba

Llegó mucho antes de lo esperado (se tardó aprox 4 días)
no venía con el guantecito, pero todo en orden. Cajas en buen estado. La tableta es mas grande de lo que pensé, el espacio de dibujo es como de una hoja tamaño carta.

Me llego en perfecto estado, el envío fue rápido

Hate how long it took to deliver a pen, but pen works perfectly well

Muy buen calidad se siente de mejor material que la que incluía la tableta

se ve bien para el precio que tiene.

Suitable replacement, shipping's a bit pricey...

la nueva pluma tiene un acabado diferente. pero que con el tiempo se pierde. la presión funciona muy bien. viene con cable de carga. puntas de repuesto y una herramienta para cambiar las puntas

I love it! Its a really big screen so i personally use it as a second screen when im not using the tablet to draw, everything works well and its super satisfying to draw on it :)

Thank you for your five-star review.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at any time!

Amazing Affordable Tablet

I have been using high(er) end drawing tablet, namingly the Wacom Intuos line, since 2009, and I'm more than satisfied with my purchase of this tablet! It has all the essential features of a high end tablet (maybe minus the bluetooth part, which is really not a must tbh) but a fraction of the price. Truthfully, I only purchased this tablet in curiosity to see how "bad" something this cheap will be, and to my surprise, it works AMAZINGLY. It's also very accessible to use with a phone. I personally liked how it doesn't have bluetooth feature, making it significantly lighter in weight (compared to intuos pro medium, which is about the same size). I have ABSOLUTELY no complaints or whatsoever, and have been screaming at people to get this tablet.

Minor improvement suggestions: the usb cord/port is located on the left side of the tablet, making it a little bit annoying to pull over since most of laptops (at least for usa models) have usb ports on the right side. Nothing major and can be easily "fixed". Another thing is that I've noticed that there's no felt type nibs available for this particular pen even for online store purchase options, but again, it's not a must-have anyways.

Hi there!
Thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed and positive review for our GAOMON M10K Pro Pen Tablet.
We are thrilled to hear that it exceeded your expectations and that you have been enjoying all the essential features it offers. We appreciate your suggestions for improvement, and we will definitely take them into consideration for future updates. We hope you continue to have a great experience with our product and we appreciate you recommending it to others. Thank you for choosing GAOMON!

가격대비 만족합니다

good product

it's very good. im happy

Perfektes Preisleistungsverhältnis GAOMON PD2200 Grafik Stift Display!

PD2200 wird bei Mir auf einer IBM Kopatiblen Workstation mit Windows 11 Pro for Workstation verwendet, zum Software Einsatz kommt das Kostenlose "Krita" und "Photoshop" im Abo-Modell, keinerlei Probleme festgestellt, Aktuelle Firmware und Treiber waren in Sekundenschnelle Installiert, alles Unproblematisch!

+ Super Preisleistungsverhältnis.
+ Nicht spiegelnde Oberfläche und schmaler Displayrand!
+ Touchtasten am Displayrand sinnig konfiguriert!
+ Einsteigerfreundlich sowie für Erfahrene Anwender.
+ Dokumentation Multisprachig auch auf Deutsch.
+ Freundlicher Support, hilfsbereit.

- Leider kein USB-C Support.

Abschliesend sei zu bemerken, dass es keine wirklich schlechten Dinge zu berichten gibt! Es läuft erstaunlich gut, an alle die nur ein kleinen Geldbeutel haben, sei geraten zu zugreifen, für unter Aktuell 367.-€
(stand April 2024) Konkurenzlos Günstig!!

la tableta funciona, bien, los botones estan algo sueltos y funciona muy bien una vez aplicado los drivers.

Boa qualidade, entrega no prazo.