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Beautiful for its price, isn’t perfect but I ain’t paying 200 dollars

This thing is awesome. I just upgraded from my screen less drawing tablet and the upgrade is immense.

Loved it:) thank you

GMS02 Review

The tablet stand is sturdy and adjustable to three angles, which is nice with the PD1161 display tablet. With its size, it's travel-friendly and easily sortable. Overall, the stand is pretty good for its price, size, and features.

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Arrived on time and perfect quality


Fast and Professional

A great tablet!

I got this tablet for the buttons and media bar and both have been useful! Only problems for me is that not all the media bar functions seem to work and I also wished it had lights; as someone who draws mainly at night, I can't see what I'm pressing! The media bar is best for managing music without having to stop your work.
But out of those two gripes everything else works amazingly, tablet is responsive, comfortable to use, and the pen pressuer levels makes drawing feel smooth. Not to mention all the goodies you get with the tablet! The drawstring bag is my personal favorite since it keeps all the smaller parts together for safe keeping.

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Good choice for beginners

The tablet is a good medium size, not too small and not too large so it's able to fit most desk setups. The pen doesn't need to be charged, nor does it need a battery so you won't have to worry about going to draw only for the pen to be dead. My only complaints regard the scroll wheel and button. First off the scroll wheel makes clicking sounds when spun, it's about as loud as the average keyboard click and could get annoying if you're drawing with someone in the same room. Second off you're not able to program the scroll wheel button. It's only used to cycle between the 3 different scroll wheel functions, not to mention that if you only want to use 2 functions with the scroll wheel, you still need to cycle through the unused function even if it isn't mapped to anything.
Despite my scroll wheel related gripes, I still think the WH851 is a great choice if you want to get started with digital art and I would recommend it.

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Tolles Tablet für einen sehr guten Preis!

Ich habe schon länger mit dem Gedanken gespielt, mir ein Zeichentablett mit Display zu holen und habe mich dann für das generalüberholte PD1161 entschieden. Was soll ich sagen? Ich bereue keine Sekunde diesen Kauf. Gefühlt geht das Hobby-Zeichnen hundertmal besser von der Hand, über Input-Eingabe und Bildschirm lässt sich (für mich als blutigen Anfänger) nicht meckern, es macht einfach Spaß, mit diesem Teil zu arbeiten!
Die Einrichtung ging super schnell. Meine einzigen Kritikpunkte sind die folgenden:
- Manchmal wird das Tablet nicht als weiterer Bildschirm erkannt, dies kann man aber mit wenigen Klicks lösen
- Wenn der Adapter in der (EU)-Steckdose steckt, das Tablet aber im Stand-By ist, fängt der Adapter an zu pfeifen. Sicherheitshalber stecke ich das Netzteil aus, wenn das Gerät nicht im gebrauch ist.
- Leider fehlten bei meiner Lieferung die Ersatz-Stiftspitzen

Nichtsdestotrotz, wenn du, lieber Leser, mit dem Gedanken spielst, dir ein Displaytablet zuzulegen, hier nur meine wärmste Empfehlung für dieses Produkt, da kann man eigentlich nichts falsch machen.

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Gaomon First Timer

I came across Gaomon after looking around for a new tablet for a great price. This tablet caught my attention with the price, features, look, and build. Once it came in and I got everything set up, it was an interesting experience. This is the first tablet that I have used that is completely wired. It is great to be able to just plug it in and get to drawing with no worry of charging the tablet and pen. However, I do wish the connection was at the top of the tablet rather than the left side.
The buttons work well as well as the touch points for media and setting short keys. Relatively good size and the pressure has been excellent!
One quibble I had was how I did have to temporarily turn off my security program in order for the download to properly install. Took a bit to mess around with making sure all was right, but once you get past that, the program is easy to use, understand, and simple to set the buttons and touch points for short cuts and functions. The bag is also a great touch to keep everything together.
An excellent product overall with only very minor bumps.

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Fancy drawing tablet for a good price

My Wacom Intuos had finally run its course, and I needed a new drawing tablet, preferably with a screen.

The PD1161 is sleek and compact, and for a good price (was on sale). It came refurbished with all the original accessories neatly packaged.

I had initially thought I received the wrong plug, but customer service was super helpful helping me figure it out. I received the right plug. Would highly recommend for artists of all levels.

Thank you for your review! We're glad to hear that you are enjoying your new PD1161 pen display and that our customer service team was able to assist you with the plug issue. We hope you continue to create amazing art with your new tablet!


Chegou hoje a minha...por enquanto tudo lindo e maravilhoso... obrigado gaomon.

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Loving this display!

This display is almost everything I wanted, the only problems I have are superficial, all button controls could have been grouped together, and a paper manual on the digital aspects, not anything big :D

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Update delivery times

It said 7-14 days, was there in 2 (good product, works as advertised nothing much else to say about a drawing pad other than yea it functions)

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Highly durable + Premium quality

I’ve been able to use the same tablet for osu! for 3 years straight with ZERO issues 3 years ago until I lost it. Ordered another one and its still working well with osu!

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Software Clashes with Modifier Keys

Looks cute (the best part), works fine. Size is compact and good for transportation. The pen pressure sensitivity is maybe a bit too sensitive and tricky compared to the other models until the muscle memory adjusts.
The modifier keys didn't work on keyboard when setting the short cut buttons, it's a software issue so reverted back to no shortcut button usage (on Mac). Hopefully it can be fixed in future updates.

Thank you for your feedback on our GAOMON WH851 Pen Tablet. We're glad to hear that you like its compact size. We understand that the pen pressure sensitivity may take some time to adjust to, but we appreciate your patience. We apologize for the software issue with the modifier keys and have forwarded your feedback to our development team for future updates. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


Really good product, highly recommend

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Rather simplistic for it's price but it's effective

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The replacement was easy and hassle free

It's true what they say about digital pens, they just up and leave the second you take your eyes off them.

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Nice tablet pen

Out of all drawing tablet pens I have used, this one is by far my favorite! The fact that it's thin makes it very comfortable to use as it's quite similar to a pencil. The way it feels to draw with it on the MK10 2018 drawing tablet is amazing, it has the perfect texture which makes it enjoyable to use, it's not too coarse and not too smooth, it's perfectly in between!

Overall it's a great tool for drawing!

Thank you for your kind words and for choosing GAOMON Artpaint AP31! We are thrilled to hear that our tablet pen has become your favorite. We strive to provide our customers with the best drawing experience and we are glad to know that we have achieved that with our thin and comfortable pen. We hope you continue to enjoy using it on our M10K 2018 drawing tablet. Happy drawing!

really nice for the price

It is a really nice tablet for it's price, but I am having trouble with it when i use OTD and enable Vmulti relative mode it just stops working and it's really annoying. I tried talking in the discord server but nothing works

I can't tell this is a refurbished product. This thing has been an absolute joy to have as a new edition to my artistic arsenal. Anyone that might be interested in getting something like this. I highly recommend this product the things awesome

Good for the money

I got mine refurbished and it came pretty fast, my only issue is the calibration. I reached out to customer service and they said it was because I was left handed, but I did what they told me and it was better per se but the calibration wouldn’t fix no matter my steps. I’m sure it’s the tablet itself.

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The tablet is very good :3