Fail to Switch Hand Tool to Pen Tool in Photoshop

You might meet this issue when your macOS drive version is v_14.1.5 .


ISSUE: Press the tablet button, which was set as the space key, to select hand tool in Photoshop CC. After using it, your cursor doesn't go back to pen tool. Even though selecting tools by clicking tool icons in Photoshop, the cursor is still hand tool and doesn't go back to others. It's random but may exist. When you meet it, please do as following suggestion.


1. 【Uninstall the existing tablet driver】, including other brands, such as Wacom's

2. Close all drawing programs and anti-virus software

3. Download ►【GAOMON macOS driver - Version 14.2.7】

4. 【Install this driver】 as administrator after unzipping the installation package.

5. Do not change its default installation path.


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