GAOMON Releases an Android Phone Compatible Tablet

GAOMON introduces an affordable and portable pen tablet, model S620 into its pen tablet family in March 2019. This tablet is compatible with Android, Windows, and macOS system. It is designed for game players who desire to reduce the distance of arm movement and increase the speed of cursor responsive and accuracy, for artistic beginners and enthusiasts who begin their creative practice on paper and desire to master the skill of the digital content creation, and for businessmen who desire an easy way to sign their name.


To free users from their desks, GAOMON adopts a new technology, USB OTG to this new tablet S620. This technology allows users connecting S620 to their Android smartphone or tablet. Just like to connect a tablet to a computer, in this situation, the Android phone or tablet will turn into a host. Users can draw on their phone with a graphics tablet.

Not only does S620 adopt USB OTG to allow outdoor digital drawing, but it also applies Electromagnetic Resonance technology (EMR) to free users from the limit of wire and battery (EMR is also used in GAOMON's M10K 2018 which is promoted to the market in November 2018). The digital pen is powered by electromagnetic instead of charging or battery. As generous as other GAOMON tablets, the pen of this entry-level tablet is designed to 8192 level-pen pressure and with two customizable buttons. The tablet itself also has four customizable Express keys on its compact body, improving efficiency as much as possible.


GAOMON believes S620 will release you from struggling to draw digitally or playing with only a mouse and liberates creative to focus on your work or on enjoying your game.


Now S620 is available at GAOMON Official AliExpress Store and GAOMON Official Amazon stores.





GAOMON TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION is a Chinese-based manufacturer of the pen tablet, pen display, and handwritten input digitizer. Due to its independent research and development of core technology, GAOMON has delivered widely praised digitizer products, eg. USB/ wireless pen tablet, signature Pad, pen display, LED tracing board, to Chinese creative lovers of animation, photography, digital drawing, etc., and has been well-known in China since its debut in 2011. Following GAOMON’s firstly releasing of its flexible tablet S56K to global creative lovers in 2016, it has introduced more pen tablets to meet different demands of international creative content artists, including pen tablet, pen display, LED tracing board. Its items can be available on Amazon Official stores including European stores (France, Italy, Germany, The United Kingdom, Spain), North American stores (The United States, Canada ), Asia stores ( Japan) and AliExpress Official store for other areas.


GAOMON, though, is young, but also energetic and enthusiastic. GAOMON keeps a rigorous discipline while working and believes the devil is in the details. Each question you ask, no matter how subtle, GAOMON team will focus on it and treat it seriously. GAOMON aims to use its well-built products to pave the way for your art road, so that you may walk gracefully and easily.

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