M10K PRO, Pen Tablet with a Muti-functional Touch Ring was launched by GAOMON

May 20th, 2020 - GAOMON TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION is a high-tech enterprise that is known for independent R&D capabilities and core technology. As a professional graphic input device supplier, GAOMON has researched and developed various digital products for creators from different fields. Recently, GAOMON has developed a pen tablet with a muti-functional touch ring to bring users a simpler and fast operation, which will streamline your workflow and boost productivity.


GAOMON M10K PRO is designed with a touch ring and 10 press keys, which are all customizable to suit different needs of creators. The touch ring supports Windows Radial Controller Protocol. Windows Radial could be activated via the driver, and users can long press the center key of touch ring to call up the tool menu and switch functions. Features of touch ring may vary as running software changes. With a muti-functional touch ring, M10K PRO offers quick access to most-used features as users can freely zoom in/out, scroll up/down, withdraw, and adjust brush size and canvas size on the mainstream drawing software. In addition to the muti-functional touch ring, 10 user-defined press keys are created on the panel to facilitate your drawing process.


Battery-free Artpaint AP32 that comes with two press keys on pen body enables you to easily switch functions such as brush and eraser, which greatly improves the working efficiency. The high-quality silicone material ensures a comfortable grip just like you're holding a traditional pen. More features including 266PPS report rate, 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, 5080LPI pen resolution as well as ±60°tilt recognition are available to ensure a smooth and natural lines presentation, and thus bringing users a more authentic drawing experience.


Connectivity with Android device makes it possible to create on your phone anytime and anywhere. Android Operating System is supported when you connect M10K PRO to an Android smart phone/ tablet with an OTG adapter. Besides, GAOMON M10K PRO is compatible with Windows and macOS as many other GAOMON pen tablets, which enables you to create with most mainstream drawing software on any device you want.

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