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Area: all around the world.

—–Hosted by Little Ruby Rue & GAOMON

—–Little Ruby Rue owns Youtube channel featuring on cute animation. She uses Sai and Tvpaint to animate. She is so intelligent and talented! Check Ruby’s  Youtube

Below is a product review of the prize M106K.

GAOMON Amazon Promotion Info (From Nov. 5th to Dec. 5th, 2018):

PD1560 15.6 Inches 8192 Pressure HD IPS Screen Tablet with 10 Shortcut Keys
SALE Price USD/ Piece: From 409 To 339.15


M106K 10 * 6 Inches Professional Drawing Tablet
SALE Price USD/ Piece: From 59.99 To 50.99


S56K 6 * 5 Inches Pen Tablet
SALE Price USD/ Piece: From 33.69 To 28.49

Store link:

WINNER: 1 VALUE: $67.99

PRIZE: GAOMON M106K Graphics Tablet

How to Participate:
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