[New]GAOMON Children's Day GIVEAWAY

Are you ready for an exciting giveaway event? We're thrilled to announce that our latest giveaway is happening on Instagram, specifically on our official account @gaomonpentablet. This is an incredible opportunity for you to win amazing prizes and be a part of our vibrant artistic community. Don't miss out on the chance to participate and showcase your creativity!


GAOMON Children's Day Giveaway is here!


🎁Gift: GAOMON16K Pressure-Level #pentablet #gaomonwh851*2

1. Follow @gaomonpentablet
2.Leave a comment with an interesting story from your childhood.;
3.Tag a friend.

Deadline:4th June, 2024

Good luck to everyone!

** Notice**
- GAOMON pays the shipping fee, winners bear the tax.

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