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    M1230 is sleek and lightweight which brings great convenience to drawing on the go. Additionally, with up to 42 keys, M1230 also provides users with a quick way to operate different features.
    8192 Levels
    Stylish Pen Tablet Splendid Drawing Experience
    M1230 is made of ABS plastic, which is a kind of environmentally-friendly material that is well-known for its durability and resistance to scratches. The narrow bezel and rounded edge make it a user-friendly pen tablet. Besides, its denim look-alike texture sheet not only contributes to its fashionable appearance but also brings pen-on-paper drawing experience.
    • 7.5mm thickness
    • 510g weight
    42 Shortcut Keys for Quick Performance
    With 42 different keys located on the panel, M1230 is able to provide users with 42 shortcuts with the driver installed. Just a single touch or press, users can quickly access various functions, which ensures an uninterrupted and immersive drawing experience.
    *Keys located on the top of the panel will serve as multimedia keys as default. Besides, users can switch these keys to serve as programmable keys with the driver installed.
    Every Stroke Counts
    Thanks to the 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, pen tablet M1230 can recognize even the most subtle changes of your drawing. With respect to the report rate, M1230 ensures a fast report rate of ≥266PPS, which guarantees the pen nib to be followed tightly by the cursor, and no lagging or inconsistent lines will occur.

    • 8192 levels

    • ≥266PPS

    • 5080LPI
    True-to-life Strokes Turn Your Imagination into Reality
    M1230 that comes with the battery-free stylus AP32 enables a comfortable grip as well as pen-on-paper drawing experience. Additionally, with ±60° tilt support, AP32 allows users to tip the stylus within 60 degrees while remaining incredibly accurate for precise drawing.

    • Tilt Support

    • Battery-Free
    Grab The Moment and Create
    A reversible type-C port enables users to have their phone or tablet connected to the M1230 easily and freely. Pair that with an OTG adapter, users can enjoy a faster and more stable transfer when they are drawing anytime and anywhere.
    • Working Area(PC Mode)
      258.4 x 161.5mm
    • Working Area(Phone Mode)
      161.5 x 90.8mm
    • Type-C Port
    Strong Compatibility for Your Style
    M1230 is usable on Windows, macOS, and Android. It also supports various mainstream design and drawing software. Users can connect the M1230 to pc, phone, or tablet to explore more.
    Besides Drawing, This Pen Tablet Can Also Be Used for.......
    Cloth Design, Calligraphy, Graphics Design, Industry Design, E-signing, More uses are waiting for your discovery.
    Tech Spec.
    • Working Area(mm)
    • 8192 Levels
    • Pen Sensing Height
    • 5080LPI
    • ≥266PPS
    • ±60° tilt
    User Manual M1230
    Gaomon Windows Driver_v14.8.191.1502_HID